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DFWP Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Course

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dor rssDrug Free Workplace (DFWP) Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Course (60/60 min.) Drug + Alcohol Course 

 Why do I need this course?

Workplace & Public Safety

There are five important components of any successful drug free workplace program: 1) A written substance abuse policy 2) Employee awareness and education 3) Supervisor training 4) Employee assistance program 5) Drug & alcohol testing

Supervisors are your organization’s first line of defense when it comes to avoiding potential catastrophic safety incidents involving substance abusing employees. This course will help supervisors better spot the signs and symptoms of drug abuse, confidently intervene when necessary and do so using industry best practices. 

It’s important that employees are treated in a dignified and fair way when it comes to reasonable suspicion drug or alcohol testing. Untrained supervisors may be a liability to your organization.


The reputation of your organization is at risk when substance abusing employee’s are performing safety sensitive duties. Substance abusers use more health insurance driving up the cost of health care for everyone; they miss more work; they are less productive; they increase theft and violence incidents in the workplace and unfortunately, they rarely seek help one their own. 

Supervisors will learn:

  • How to spot common signs and symptoms of substance abuse
  • What best practices should be used when they suspect an employee is abusing
  • When immediate intervention is required
  • How to overcome reluctance to act
  • How to initiate an intervention for crisis and performance situations
  • How to conduct a basic employee interview 
  • Documentation best practices
  • Intervention best practices
  • Details about the drug and alcohol testing process and safeguards in the testing process
  • About the various drugs of abuse and the short and long term effects of use
  • The effects of substance abuse on the individual, family, society and workplace
Why AtHandTraining’s Course?

Anytime. Any Device!


Supervisors can complete the self-paced online course using any mobile smart phone, iPad, PC or MAC from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Engaging & Up to Date

The course offers high quality, up-to-date, engaging content. Informative, interactive quizzes and interesting content will keep the student engaged. This is not your standard, run of the mill, clip-art based, bullet point infested training program that looks like it was built in the 80’s! 

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The most economical way to train staffs of 20, 50, 100, 500 or more!

LMS Integrations

AtHandTraining’s programs run TinCan xAPI (aka “The new SCORM”) to a learning record store. Training records can be sent back your LMS system.

Sample course screenshots:

DOT Reasonable Suspicion Course

dfwp screens

Course Curriculum

Why drug testing is an important part of workplace safety

What reasonable suspicion testing means

Course learning objectives

The effects of substance abuse on society

The effects of substance abuse on the individual and family

The effects of substance abuse in the workplace

The drug testing process & safeguards

Substance Abuse Professionals

Common drug testing methods

Detection times

Prescription drug use & drug testing


The alcohol testing process






Other drugs of abuse (K2/Spice, Bath Salts, etc.)

Recent state laws

Court cases validate employer’s right to test

Marijuana & Safety

Marijuana & Health

Dangers of “new” potent marijuana & edibles

Role overview


Reasonable suspicion testing

Specific, Contemporaneous, articulable definitions and examples

Identifying abusers


Physical symptoms

Behavioral symptoms

Mental symptoms

Job performance

Drug paraphernalia

Crisis vs. performance scenarios



Confrontation and interview

Dos and donts

Transportation to the collection site

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After purchase, you will be e-mailed a link to log in and begin your course immediately! 

If I order 2+ or more, how do the other students get registered?

Additional student names can be submitted via spreadsheet or manually entered via the button below. Be sure to include an employee ID (no SSN’s) and first and last name for each student. We also offer the option for admin users to enroll employees without having to contact athandtraining.

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How long can the course be accessed?

You have a full year from the date ordered to access the course.

What can administrative users do?

Administrative users can view students course progress, view certificates, run reports and add employees to a course.

How are certificates generated?

Students can print or save (.pdf) their certificate of completion after completing the course. The certificate will display their full name, employee ID/username, and date completed. Records will be stored online for administrative users to access as needed.

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