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How Drug Use Affects Relationships

How Drug Use Affects Relationships

Drug Use Relationships

A recent post over at our friends at provides an interesting insight into how drug use can affect real relationships. The post highlights personal stories from “people who’ve fused intimacy with other drugs—from acid to cocaine to fentanyl—to find out the ways in which different substances enhanced, damaged, or otherwise complicated their partnerships.”

In true Vice style the personal accounts are unfiltered and reinforce much of what teach in our online training courses which is that drug use can have significant adverse impact on interpersonal relationships. Read the article in its entirety here.

Some of the “lowlights” include:

Kevin: “She had an addictive personality, and it got to the point where she was taking drugs out of my personal stash without telling me, then lying about it.”

David: who shared that he essentially wanted to get caught so he would stop:  “Then there was this other part of me that desperately wanted to get caught again so that I could actually stop doing it.”

Leah: “I’ve seen him in jail—in a jumper, behind glass, with that old school payphone. I’ve seen him OD.” “We don’t have fun anymore. Day to day, it’s frustrating. I wake up, and I hear his Oxy grinder. It’s the first thing I hear in the morning—him grinding pills.”

Rory: “My wife didn’t even know about my addiction for a long time because I was getting such a big prescription [for opiates] from my doctor.” “Number one was that it had a major financial impact. It still has (I’ve been clean since February), and we’re trying to work our way out of it. My wife always had bills paid—it went from that to being totally chaotic… our house was foreclosed on.”

Photo: Flickr – Santiago Medem